GWHS Hall of Fame

Greeley West High School began its Hall of Fame in 2009, and held the event annually from 2009-2014. It will now take place every 2 years in the spring starting in 2016.
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Meritorious Service:

Greeley West High School wishes to recognize those individuals who have provided valued and loyal service to the school but who may not meet all the criteria for selection into the Distinguished Alumni or Athletic Hall of Fame.

Distinguished Alumni:

The Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is open to any student or staff member who meets the following criteria:

• Staff Members
• Staff members who taught or worked at Greeley West High School for at least five years.
• Staff members who, after leaving or retiring from Greeley West High School, have given back to the school by either continuing to work with staff or students at Greeley West High School, by contributing to district wide projects or committees.
• Staff members who while working at Greeley West brought honor and distinction to the school.
• Staff members whose contributions to the school positively impacted either staff or students.


• Students who attended their entire high school career at Greeley West High School, graduated, and are in good standing with the school.
• Students who have brought honor and distinction to the school.
• Students who have continued to work with staff and/or students at Greeley West.
• Students whose contributions have positively impacted the lives of others.

It is suggested that future nominees be submitted either by present or former school personnel, community members, or former students. Nominees will be considered based upon the preceding criteria.

Athletic Hall of Fame:

The Athletic Hall of Fame is open to any student or staff member who meets the following criteria:

• Students must be graduates of Greeley West High School and have graduated five (5) years ago or more.
• Been a member of the Coaching/Athletic Staff for at least seven (7) years, but are no longer on the coaching staff. Contributions to all sports are to be taken into consideration.
• Students must have earned a varsity letter at Greeley West.
• Nominees must be “worthy” and “outstanding” in their character and accomplishments for induction consideration. Being the “best athlete in a graduating class” would not be enough to warrant consideration.
• Contributions to the total athletic program and school in the areas of service to the school, attitude, citizenship, leadership, school spirit, and scholarship will be taken into account.
• Male and female recipients are considered separately with no requirement to establish a balance of inductees by gender.

There are no “automatic” selections to the Hall of Fame. Factors such as: success in multiple sports, four year letter winners in a sport, individual and team state champions, high school and/or collegiate All-America status, participation on collegiate and/or professional sport level, and contributions to society as a post-Greeley West graduate will weigh strongly in the selection of candidates.

It is suggested that future nominations be presented from any past or present Greeley West staff member. The selection committee should consist of the following members: the principal or designee, the athletic director, a coach of a male sport, a coach of a female sport, up to three current staff members who volunteer and, if necessary, selected by random draw. Any current or former staff members in the Athletic Hall of Fame are also eligible to be committee members. Nominees will be selected based upon the criteria listed above.